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Wedding Consultants

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Planning a wedding can be stressful and very overwhelming.  S
o hiring a wedding consultant to help you plan your wedding can be very beneficial.  The most important task a wedding consultant has is to make the bride’s life easier.  A wedding consultant can be there from start to finish or can be hired for your wedding day only.

What can a wedding consultant do to help you with your wedding?

  1. 1. A wedding consultant will listen to your ideas and vision, then suggest what will work best for your style and budget.
  2. 2. If you just need specific tasks done such as finding a venue,  catering,  invitations, etc. A wedding consultants will be more than happy to help you with the specific tasks.
  3. 3. Wedding consultants work with many vendors and will be able to provide the best of the best to fit your needs.
  4. 4. Point of contact for all of your vendors.
  5. 5. A wedding consultant will manage the timeline/calender of your to dos and deadlines. Your wedding consultant will handle ALL emergencies.
  6. 6. Day of issues, your wedding consultant will have an emergency kit and a back up plan. A wedding consultant plans for EVERYTHING.
  7. 7. Conflicts or issues with members of the wedding, family, or vendors your wedding consultant will be there to mediate it all.
  8. 8. After the wedding, the wedding consultant will provide you with the most important things that will need to be done after saying I do.

10 Ways to Save on Your Honeymoon

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Planning your wedding also means planning your honeymoon. One of the reasons you have a honeymoon is to recharge your body and mind after all the months spent planning your wedding. You and your husband/wife get to spend the much needed precious time together. But your honeymoon does not have to break the bank. You can have your dream honeymoon and save by following a few of our suggestions

1.  Travel in the off/low season. Find out when your destination isn’t as popular. Your resort could be up to 50% off. Not to mention flights could be cheaper too.

2.  Register for your honeymoon. Great sites such as honeyfund.com and honeymoonwishes.com can allow your guests to contribute to different parts of your trip.

3.  Use those miles you have from your bonus credit cards. Use them for flights, hotels, and cars. But remember they are limited so book early.

4.  Book early and you may get a deal from the hotel or a cruise line. Booking up to 6 months in advance could get you a free room upgrade, free airfare, onboard credit, or all 3.

5.  Opt for an all-inclusive resort. You will only pay what you were quoted. This will inclulde all of your meals, drinks, and gratuities. Some times activities are included as well.

6.  You can save a bundle by booking airfare, accommodations, car, and tours all at one time. Look for packages.

7.  Carry on your luggage or limit your checked in luggage.

8.  Have a hotel reception and receive free stays at any location. When you spend a specific dollar amount most hotels offer free nights stay at any of their locations.

9.  Check out ebates.com. You can earn cash by visiting this site before booking hotel reservations.

10.  Register at Groupon.com and receive special deals for getaways