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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Speech

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For many people, just thinking about having to give a speech at a wedding can be a nauseating experience. What if I make a fool of myself? What if no one thinks I’m funny? Calm down. Chances are it’s not going to be quite the disaster you’re thinking it up to be in your head. In reality, the wedding speech really isn’t all that difficult as long as you keep a few things in mind:

1.) Don’t procrastinate. Leaving your speech-writing tasks until the last minute is only going to add to the pressure of giving the speech in the first place. Set aside a time months before the wedding and write down a rough draft of the speech, then come back to it every couple weeks to make any adjustments. Sound a little ridiculous? Maybe, but already knowing exactly what you’re going to say is a huge part of settling your unsteady nerves.

2.) Keep it short. No one wants to sit through a 40 minute speech, no matter how beautiful or moving you may think it is. People are hungry, they want to dance, and there is most likely going to be children there that are going to be using all their “good behavior” capabilities to try and sit still through the first three minutes. Don’t torture people. Try to keep the speech around five minutes long and you shouldn’t get any eye-rolls or “move it along” gestures from audience members. Get up, give the speech, and let the wedding move on.

3.) Keep it appropriate. Humor is always a great way of putting people at ease, but if it’s not appropriate it could just end up making everyone feel awkward. If you’ve got a story you want to share run it by the bride and groom beforehand, but if there’s any chance of giving Grandma Ethel a heart attack, leave it for some other time.

4.) Be kind. Someone is, as a matter of fact, getting married, and that means the entire mood of the speech really needs to be congratulatory. This isn’t a time to get carried away with embarrassing stories, it’s a time to let the newlyweds know that you are happy for them and you wish them a fantastic future together.

5.) Practice, practice, practice. Just as anything else that makes you nervous, practice! Practice giving your speech in front of the mirror, making sure to pause at the right spots and gesture to the right people. Within just a couple run-throughs, you’re bound to feel more relaxed. Now practice raising your glass….


5 Essential Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Hair

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1.) Plan! Since it is necessary to buy your dress a few months in advance, it’s also necessary to plan the other aspects of your look in advance too; namely your hair, makeup and accessories. Since all of these components are meant to work together, not a single one of them can be shoved back to the last minute. So book an appointment with your salon as soon as you have a few ideas floating around.

2.) Choose your hairstyle with your veil or headpiece in mind. Even though it may seem like common sense, may brides get so caught up in the planning that they choose a hairstyle and a headpiece separately, and then the two don’t work well together when they do a test drive closer to the big day. If you fall in love with a headpiece or a veil, or are thinking of wearing flowers or feathers in your hair, bring everything along to the salon when trying out potential wedding day hairstyles, and if there’s a hairstyle you’re already set on, keep it in mind when choosing your hair accessories.

3.) Practice. After you settle on a hairstyle, you shouldn’t become strangers with your hairstylist. It’s important that they practice the look on your hair at least twice before the big day. This also gives you a time frame for how long it takes to create this specific style and what time you should be showing up at the salon.


4.) No surprises! That means don’t go coloring your hair the day before your wedding unless your hairstylist is fully aware of it. From your first appointment right up until your wedding day, they should be involved in every decision you make with your hair. You never know, that “little trim” you got could add time to creating a specific hairstyle you had your heart set on. Keep your hairstylist in the loop.

5.) Be honest. If you don’t like something, speak up! If you think your hairdo makes you look like a wet poodle and you don’t say anything, you’re just going to be bitter about it long into your 80’s when you’re looking at wedding photos with your great-grandkids. It’s your wedding, you should always have the final say. Bringing pictures and magazine cutouts to your appointment should help clear up any confusion.

Having said that though, it’s also important to trust your hairstylist. They’re the professional, and they probably have very good ideas when it comes to what might perfectly compliment your wedding dress. And don’t complain during. It’s the final product you care about, not how they get there.


3 Keys to Walking Gracefully in Your Gown

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If there’s one thing many brides tend to have nightmares over (and tend to completely overlook), it’s a fear of not being able to gracefully navigate in their wedding dress. And while many people may chalk it up to nerves, the fact is that it’s a very realistic fear. You’re going to be wearing an article of clothing you’ve never worn before, along with shoes you’ve probably never worn before, and you may also be walking on a surfaces you’ve never walked on before (a linen walkway covered in rose petals, for example).

Never fear though, all you need is a little bit of preparation to make sure you’re as graceful as ever in your gown. So in order to calm your fears, here are few tips to help you move gracefully and confidently on your wedding day.

1.) Choose the right dress in the first place. Knowing what you’re going to be doing in the dress is very important. If you’re planning on spending most of the night on the dance floor, you’re going to need a dress that will be able to move with you in fabric that will be able to breath. Anyone would have trouble dancing in a 50 lb ballgown. You’ll want to choose a dress that will be appropriate for the tasks it needs to fulfill and make sure it’s hemmed properly.

2.) Break in your shoes. Shoes are shoes, and regardless if they’re a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes or your favorite pair of hiking boots, they need to be broken in a bit before they’re comfortable. Wear your shoes around the house on a day when you’re doing chores, like vacuuming or doing dishes. Personally, when breaking in a new pair of heels I like to wear them while watching television. It helps more than you think.

3.) Get accustomed to your undergarments. Undergarments are not everyday wear, so it’s perfectly reasonable for them to feel awkward when you put them on. However, this is a day when everyone is going to be watching you at all times (most likely with a camera in hand), so this may not be the day to wear something you’re going to be “adjusting” every 10 minutes. Make sure to wear particularly awkward undergarments (a corset and Spanx, for example) around the house a few times before your wedding night. This will not only help you get a feel for them, but will also allow you to discover anything that needs to be fixed or adjusted (like a particular area that keeps getting pinched).

3 Places to Hire a Professional

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Weddings. Are. Expensive. We all know this. So it’s perfectly natural to try to cut as many corners as possible. Thoughts like, “I bet those party favors wouldn’t be all that tough to make at home,” or, “Would anyone really notice if the flowers were fake?” are probably running rampant through your head right now.

However, cutting corners can be a dangerous game. Here are just a few examples of when you simply have to just buckle down and dish out the dough.

1.) The band or DJ. No, just because your cousin owns an iPod and knows how to work it does not mean he is even remotely qualified to determine which blend of original music and cliché wedding songs is going to be best combination for your wedding reception. Does he know how to get people up on the dance floor? Does he know how to make “The Chicken Song” someone everyone wants to participate in rather than someone everyone groans over? Does he have the censored version of your favorite Drake song so you don’t have to worry about offending your grandmother should it come on a little earlier than expected? The answer to all these questions is no. And even if you answered ‘yes’ to one of them, it doesn’t count. Hire a professional entertainer.


2.) Hair and makeup personnel. This one isn’t necessary all the time (you’re getting married on the beach with your hair in loose waves and a single witness), but for the most part you need to hire a professional. There are so many things to stress about on your wedding day, that your hair and makeup often come last unless you have a set appointment. I can’t count the number of weddings I’ve been to where there have been delays because the bride was in the back “touching up.” You know why she was constantly “touching up?” Because her hair went flat because she didn’t know how to do it in the humidity, or because she’s sweating and the makeup she usually uses is coming off. A professional hair stylist can create a hairstyle that won’t be going anywhere, and a true makeup artist will be able to give you a look that will last the whole night through.

3.) The photographer. There seems to be an epidemic in this country right now with people who claim to be photographers and people who actually are photographers. Your sister-in-law who just got a new camera is not a professional photographer. Does she understand how to use lighting? Where to stand to get the best shots without being in the way? What about how to properly edit photos, how take naturally flattering pictures or which angles set you a part…the fact is, it looks easy but it’s not. These are going to be memories you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, make sure you get them done right. Otherwise, the moments you think are being capture could turn out to look like this: