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Wedding Speech

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Wedding Speech, Oh NO!

You have been asked to give a speech at a wedding day and you have obviously accepted the gracious honor, now what? Here are 4 tips for the perfect wedding speech.

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Tip#1 Control Your Emotions

It’s a speech,  yes it is at a wedding, and though a lot of things can go wrong (sorry, but that’s how it is) you have to gather yourself and free your mind to come up with the right memories you want to share with your friends. One of the best ways is to let it all out. Turn on your voice recording app, and speak and shout out what you have to say about them. What you know, what you remember, what you’ve heard, and more. Scribble on papers and let the Kilobytes turn to Megabytes, and papers to piles. This might not only get you the right memories you want to share, as well as the perspective on your wedding speech.

Tip#2 Don’t Google it!

Or for that matter, don’t Bing, Yahoo!, Ask Jeeves, or whatever search engine you can think of. “Word searching” for your special wedding speech is off limits.

A great wedding speech is one which only you could have delivered for them. The bride/groom has chosen you because they believe you know them best. And this includes being on their most cherish-able moments, and memories, and tough times. They want to hear their story from you — because they believe you can. It’s time you took up the charge.

Tip#3 Keep the Doors Closed

Just ask everyone to give you some privacy. It’s understandable that everyone is in a flurry of excitement because the cheerfulness and joy simply seems to seep through every damned nook and cranny in home. The mood is like totally contagious, yeah, we know… but you have to tell them this, or otherwise they won’t get it: “I need some time alone! Out! Out! Please!”

It’s how it goes through your head. Not how you must say it. You get the point, right? Ask for quiet time.

Tip#4 Start Writing, and don’t you dare stop to rethink!

So, it’s time that you start thinking about those two, and what they have shared with you over time, or what you have shared with them.

Hold onto those thoughts for a minute.

Savor them.

Let the emotions sink in.

Then write the first draft of your wedding speech. And don’t you dare stop writing, or pausing to rethink. Editing comes later. Let the memories and the emotions take you on a long journey. You’ll be amazed what comes out even in the first draft.

The rest is editing work — making it fit within 5 minutes or less. If you’ve come this far, we know it won’t be a problem. Write your finalized wedding speech on an index card and practice reading it. Your wedding speech will be perfect because it comes from a place of love.

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Wedding Gifts

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Wedding Gifts – Making a Lasting Impression

Wedding Gifts - Bridal Gowns, Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Maryland

It can be pretty baffling to decide what to give your best friends on their wedding. Most of this nervousness can be attributed to the fact that at this particular moment, the gift you give will be defining your image in the eyes of the spouse. Now whether you know him/her or not, a negative impression is the last thing you’ll want to make. To save you from embarrassment, here are a few wedding gift ideas you can use to surprise your best friend with aesthetic taste and luxurious style!

Go Custom

Nothing beats customization. It does not matter what item you choose to customize. You can go for special cups preferably with the name of the bride and the groom imprinted on it. Or you can go for inscribed accessories like bed covers, towels, cushions, or any other accessory for that matter. As long as you’ve made the effort to ensure the pieces do not look uniform or factory-manufactured, you’ve done a good job that will be nicely received by the wedded couple.

Baskets Full Of Goodies

If you think a particular gift might annoy the couple, go for a basket full of assorted goodies. And this is where you can let your imagination go wild. Make sure the basket you make has a certain distinctive theme and pool in as many related products as you would like to gift. For instance, you can create an aromatic essentials basket that contains scented bathing products, massaging creams, lotions, relaxing salts, candles, towels, and any other product you think will blend in well with this theme. Alternatively, you can go for a wine package with a few related essentials packed in. Whatever you do, stick to a particular theme and build around it. With so many small gifts coming enclosed in a basket, the wedded couple will have difficulty finding fault with it!

Kitchen Accessories

This works well if you are planning to gift it to a lady friend. There are over a million kitchen products you can choose from. From food processors and juicers to those stylish platters and bowls, you have an extremely diverse range of options. A morsel of advice – choose an option that fits your budget. However, if you can get your hands on one of those extremely stylish pieces of crockery, rest assured the couple (particularly the wife) will welcome it with pride!

Decors… Decors… and more Decors…

Chances are high that the new couple would be moving into a separate accommodation after marriage. This means setting up this comfort zone right from scratch. With so much being invested in the wedding alone, they wouldn’t want to say “no” to a little help with home decors. You can go for some decoration pieces or build some of your own. Better still; create customized decors that talk about their romantic journey to marriage and beyond. At this moment when the couple is so engulfed in love, such presents will be more than appreciated around the house!

Selecting a wedding present is not really as daunting as it appears to be. Let your (positive) creativity take control and guide you towards the right choice. If it feels right, it probably is so!

Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique offering Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses up to size 30. Lily’s Bridal offers the largest selection of exclusive designer Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses in Maryland. Curvy and Plus Size Brides you must come see the best selection of Wedding Dresses in Maryland.

A Happy Marriage

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A Successful Marriage - Plus Size Bridal,Wedding Gowns,Maryland


10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

You planned your wedding and it was the best night of your life, now it is time for a lifetime together. A wedding isn’t about a big party it is about 2 people saying I will be there for you for the rest of your life. Marriage can have some challenging times, it can be work at times, and it can be the best time of your life. To have a really happy marriage you will need to work at it.

I have been married for 15 years but in a relationship with my husband for over 20 years. I have faced many challenges that really tested our marriage and I have had some of the most amazing life experiences that I would not have experienced if I wasn’t married to my husband. Through it all I have found the 10 tips for a Happy Marriage.

1. Build trust into your marriage. It takes effort to built a happy marriage succeed. So, be determined not to flirt or get too close with members of the opposite sex. If you do, in the back of your mind, you could begin to view someone else as an alternatives when your marriage goes through a rough patch. Having an alternative will weaken your resolve to make your marriage work. Trust is the foundation of a happy marriage and it’s something you need to work at.

2. Show respect by paying attention. Listen to your spouse when they talk to you. Mutual respect is vital for a happy marriage. When you give your mate your undivided attention it shows that you respect them and value what they have to say. If your spouse talks to you when you’re in the middle of something important, explain that you want to hear what they have to say and suggest a time when you’ll be able to pay better attention.

3. Do fun things together. Find thing that you enjoy doing together and then make time to do them. Exercise together, go on walks, or take on mutually enjoyable projects together. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you both have fun doing it. Spending time together enjoying each other’s company will strengthen your marriage and add another meaningful dimension to your relationship.

4. Learn from your experiences. Figure out when to do, or not do, certain things. For example, if you find that you tend to be tense and cranky when you’re hungry, minimize your conversation with your spouse during those times. Similarly, if you see that your spouse gets worked up whenever you mention the name of a certain person, don’t mention that person’s name unless absolutely necessary. Build a happy marriage by being smart enough to learn from the past.

5. Be polite to your mate. When speaking with with your partner, use phrases like please and thank you. Being polite should not be viewed as a formality. It is a way that we honor our mate and it helps them to feel appreciated and respected. Being courteous is like the oil that helps a happy marriage run smoothly and reduces unnecessary friction. If you can be polite to a stranger, then it should be even more important to be polite to your marriage mate.

6. Never say “I told you so.” Strike the phrase “I told you so” from your vocabulary.  They already know that you told them so, why rub it in? Saying so only creates ill will between you and your spouse. We all mess up from time to time. And when we do having it rubbed in our face doesn’t help. A little support and encouragement will do a lot more toward building a happy marriage than taking a shot at your partner when they are already feeling bad.

7. Don’t Keep Score. Marriage is not a contest so don’t walk around with a watchful eye making sure your partner carries there share of the load. Instead, take the view that it doesn’t matter if you end up doing more than half of what needs to be done. Trying to make your relationship fifty-fifty proposition will cause a lot of unnecessary tension and you don’t need that. So unless your spouse is a total slacker,  recognize that in a happy marriage both partners try to help there mate carry the load.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. A family court judge once commented that in 99 percent of the divorce cases he presided over, the couples were upset over very trivial things. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a marriage was strong enough to stand up to all the big challenges, but couldn’t get past the minor irritations of daily life? Here’s a secret from my own happy marriage. Learn to view your partners little idiosyncrasies as entertaining rather than irritating. It works, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

9. Greet your partner with a smile. We all want to know that our mate is happy to see us. Well, when they greet us with a smile it reassures us of that, and our smile does the same for them. A smile can do so much and requires so little effort. It has the power to lift someone’s spirits and it sets the stage for a pleasant reunion after a long and perhaps difficult day. If you want a happy marriage, lead with your smile and let that be the first impression you make when you greet your mate.

10. Respect your spouse’s privacy. Don’t go through your partner’s things out of curiosity or in an effort to check up on them. We all want our privacy to be respected and when someone violates that it feels offensive. Don’t let a sense of insecurity cause you to become overly suspicious of your your mate. On the other hand, being secretive can create suspicion. A happy marriage should be built on open and honest communication. So, if there is something you need to know, ask, don’t snoop



5 Ways to Rock a Bridal Show

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5 Ways to Rock a Bridal Show -Wedding Gowns,Dresses,Plus Size,Maryland

Bridal show season is right around the corner Lily’s Bridal would like to offer you some tips on how to take the Bridal show to help plan your wedding. A bridal show is not only a huge help for a bride (all of her potential and competing vendors in one place), but it’s also incredibly helpful for the vendors themselves (all of their potential clients in one place).

And there’s really no better way to dive head first into wedding planning. Thing is though, if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up wasting the whole day. Here are a few tips to make sure any bridal show you attend will be the most useful wedding planning day of the year:

1.) Don’t bring children or a lot of people. This is really a day for research. You’re probably going to have a great time, of course, but you’ll regret it if you went home at the end of the day without any real information. So leave the kids at home (they won’t be able to make it an all-day thing anyway without getting bored and cranky), and only bring those really essential in your wedding planning, like your mother or your Maid of Honor.

2.) Be prepared with your wedding details. You never know when you might be speaking to your future DJ or caterer. Having the details of your wedding figured out (for the most part) will allow you to have an intelligent conversation with one of these professionals. Think about the main issues; how many people will be attending, the venue, the mood (modern and elegant, traditional and romantic, spunky and fun, etc.), and any other details you might already know, like your wedding colors.

5 Ways to Rock a Bridal Show -Wedding Gowns,Dresses,Plus Size,Maryland

3.) Bring a large bag. Almost every single vendor (at least the smart ones anyway), are going to have some kind of brochure they will be handing out. You’re going to want these brochures; they provide all the details of their services. This not only tells you about that vendor in particular, but it also gives you an idea of what to expect from competing vendors. Plus, even if you don’t choose one of the vendors as the show, these brochures have tons of tips and ideas for your wedding, don’t pass them up!

4.) Wear comfortable shoes. If you really want to get the most out of a bridal show, it’s best to be there all day. Many times they have drawings for discounted packages, or even honeymoon prizes! You’re going to be standing in a lot of lines and talking to a lot of vendors, so those 4” stilettos, while fabulous, need to be left at home.

5.) Bring address labels. Unless you want to be spending a large chunk of the event writing down your name, address, email address and wedding date, bring labels. It’ll be a huge time-saver by the end of the night.

And don’t forget to have fun! Get as much information as you can, taste as much cake as you can and enjoy planning your wedding!


Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique offering Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses up to size 30. Lily’s Bridal offers the largest selection of exclusive designer Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses in Maryland. Curvy and Plus Size Brides you must come see the best selection of Wedding Dresses in Maryland.

Your Wedding Day

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Your Wedding Day - Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Maryland

9 Things Every Bride Forgets On Her Wedding Day

You’ve got the caterer set up and you’re looking breathtaking in your wedding dress. You’re ready to dance the night away with your new spouse. You’ve got everything planned out perfectly, right?

Probably not. Chances are, you’ve forgotten a thing or two. Here are 9 of the most common things every bride will probably forget on her wedding day.

1.) Having “point people.” There needs to be someone that you can count on for some of those random tasks, like collecting your wedding gifts, making sure all the luggage is in the car for the honeymoon and hanging onto your wedding dress until you get back.

Your Wedding Day - Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Maryland

2.) Bringing a pretty hanger for your dress.Still photography is all the rage at weddings and one of the most classic pictures is the lone wedding dress hanging, bathed in window light. Of course no one thinks of that old, plastic hanger until the time comes to take a picture of it.

3.) Packing an emergency kit. A million things could go wrong, and you’ll be thankful you have a kit full of things like extra bobby pins, deodorant, eye drops, tissues, antacids, band-aids and anything else you might need (Emergency Kits available at The Wedding Shoppe).

4.) A picnic dinner. If you’ve talked to anyone about a wedding, they’ve probably told you that you’ll have hardly any time to eat…and they’re right. You might find time to scarf down a couple bites, but it’s not likely. Have your caterer pack you a little to-go meal for the night (including a couple pieces of cake). That way, when you leave the reception at 1:00 in the morning, you and your fiancé (oops, we mean spouse!) can enjoy your wedding meal in peace and privacy. And speaking of food…

5.) Feeding your bridal party. You might not be able to eat due to all the butterflies already in your stomach, but your bridesmaids are hungry. Ask someone to bring back a little plate of sandwiches and snacks to have while you’re getting ready.

6.) Having a “Just Married” sign.Whether it’s writing the words on the back window of a truck or creating a cute little sign to hang off the bumper, make sure you plan this one ahead of time.

7.) Creating an itinerary. You may know the day’s events inside and out, but it’s doubtful that everyone else does. Create an itinerary available for anyone to reference throughout the day. You don’t want your family taking off for the reception right after the ceremony if that’s the time you’ve delegated to take family photos.

8.) A thank-you speech. The Maid of Honor and the Best Man have probably been practicing and honing their speech for weeks now (or at least you would like to think so), but you probably haven’t thought about the thank-you speech at all. No worries, just write down a few things you are grateful for (everyone for being here, especially guests that traveled particularly far, people that helped with the wedding planning, etc.) and mention them in a light, short speech.

9.) Stopping to smell the roses. Your wedding day will most likely be a complete blur; everything goes by so fast! So throughout the day make sure to stop for a second and soak up everything that is happening. Really take it all in, you’ll be glad you did later.

Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique offering Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses up to size 30. Lily’s Bridal offers the largest selection of exclusive designer Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses in Maryland. Curvy and Plus Size Brides you must come see the best selection of Wedding Dresses in Maryland.