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Your Wedding Vision

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Making the Most of the Wedding Vision

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Years before you are ready to walk towards altar and formally commit to your spouse, you would’ve had the wedding vision. It is your idea of the perfect wedding – what it should or should not have. Over time a few specifications might change depending on other factors like the budget. Nevertheless, most of your wedding preparations are dependent on your wedding vision!

Some people dream about the beach wedding right in front of the scenic waves. A few might like the spiritual silence of church to create the bond. Everyone has different preferences. Amidst those who have envisioned already, only a few would know how to translate these images into reality. For others, the event managers are available to take on this job!

Why Should You Go For An Event Management Team?

For a simple reason; you want your big day to be perfect! If you overburden yourself with chores that you need to do before your wedding, you end up tiring yourself. Not only this, such kind of stress can easily mess up your tasks as well. Having an event manager by your side will allow you to channel out your stress productively without getting worked up.

Your wedding day is one of those important ones which stay in your memories for the rest of your life. On such an auspicious occasion, you definitely don’t want to be worrying about the color of the drapes or the flower arrangements around the venue. You need time to yourself to prepare and outshine on the big day. It is time to let the worries go; it is time for a positive change!

Having an event management team by your side can be really helpful for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will not be able to have your way or end up spending too much on your wedding. Most reputed event managers begin by conducting a consultation session in which they hear about your wedding vision. This is when you get to express everything that is on your mind.

Subsequent meetings help you decide on the budget, the venue and other particulars of the event. There may be a few compromises but in the end, it is worth your finances because it gives you the peace of mind that you need the most!

Getting Caught Up In A Whirl

The moment your spouse proposes till the time you say “I do”, time seems to fly by. The excitement and happiness will take up most of your time and energy. You meet up with your friends and family often to cherish these moments. There is so much about the wedding arrangements that you need to supervise in order to turn your wedding vision into reality. Often, you don’t realize the pace at which the time passes till you are just a couple of days away from it!

The event manager ensures you get to spend quality time with those that matter to you the most. They take up the burden of arrangements so you can focus exclusively on yourself, your health and your loved ones!


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Selecting Colors for Your Bridesmaids – What You Need To Consider

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Choosing Your Bridal Party’s Colors For the bride, the heavenly white dress does the trick. Whether it has lace, an intricate design or is as simple as an evening gown, the white colors sets the bride apart from the rest. It gives the lucky lady a sense of being different, special and being the highlight of the day! While everyone’s eyes are locked on the magnificent bride, it shouldn’t be a reason for the bridesmaids to feel any less important. After all, they’ve spent a lifetime (or equivalent to a lifetime) with the special one.

It pays to be the bridesmaid; after all, who’s the next best person to look at after the bride? With bridesmaids, the preparations and designs are a lot different when compared with the bride. For the most part, the whole idea revolves around colors. It is exciting to see the best ones adorned in identical dresses – either in color or in design.

This brings us to the trickiest part – how to select the color for bridesmaids? Everyone has their own personal favorites. There are over a million colors to choose from and you have to settle for one. As challenging as the decision is, it is further worsened by the fact that each of your bridesmaids will have their own preferences. So they might not like the color you choose and will wear it grudgingly. Can you afford to spoil your wedding pictures because of a grumpy bridesmaid? The next best way is to opt to the tried-and-tested themes created to prevent conflicts.

Here is a little insight about each of these and how you can use the theme to reach consensus with your bridesmaids.

“I See The Sea”

Does your venue incorporate the picturesque view of the sea (or a lake or any water body for that matter)? If it does and if you are planning for a morning event, it’ll be a good idea to go for the soft colors. It adds to the beauty of your surroundings and completes the picture instead of contradicting it! These days, mint color is quite popular. It has a refreshing feel to it. If your venue has a couple of trees in it, the mint color would look spectacular on your bridesmaids! Alternatively, if there aren’t any greens in the picture, you can try working with coral pinks. It offers a “marine” feel that works well within sandy backgrounds.

The Vintage Classic

If your venue incorporates a high ceiling church building with golden-dust colored walls and typical decors with little to no flowers in the neighborhood, you are most probably headed for a vintage classic styled wedding. Accordingly, your best options lie with vintage colors. In other words, black color would look awesome on your bridesmaids in the given surroundings!

The Retro Revisited

Planning for a wedding that rolls with the setting sun? As the natural lights fade, deep colored dresses will automatically fall into perspective. With this, however, you’ve got a wide number of options. You can try deep purple, emerald green and deep blue. Let the majority decide which one it really is! Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique offering Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses up to size 30. Lily’s Bridal offers the largest selection of exclusive designer Wedding Gowns and Prom Dresses in Maryland. Curvy and Plus Size Brides you must come see the best selection of Wedding Dresses in Maryland.