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Wedding Day Coordinator

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Wedding Day Coordinator

Planning a wedding can be very stressful for many but the most stressful part will be your wedding day. First is setting up of the ceremony and then preparing reception site. Not to mention to make sure your bridal party shows up and in theie proper attire. All this takes time, work, and not to mention it can be stressful. So you have detailed timeline but do you have that time? I would strongly suggest a Wedding Day Coordinator.

Wedding Day Coordinator,Wedding Gowns,Plus Size, Maryland

The wedding day coordinator will keep you on track and organized. They will keep your wedding running smoothly and on time. Most importantly they will make sure you and your groom are the first to eat and have drinks. The wedding day coordinator will make sure all the events of the reception happen; everyone has drinks for toasting, knife and server ready for the cake cutting, bouquet toss, and hunting down anyone needed for a special toast or dance. That way you can really enjoy the day as the bride and groom. You will be able to spend more time laughing and dancing with your family and friends instead of worrying about what needs to happen and at what time. You spent a lot of time and stress planning the wedding day of your dreams. So it is your turn to enjoy and relax, invest in a Wedding Day Coordinator.

Wedding Day Coordinator,Wedding Gowns,Plus Size, Maryland

Family Members

If a family member offers to be your wedding day coordinator, politely say NO, let them enjoy the wedding too. Hire a professional. It is worth the cost to be stress free and to be able to enjoy your wedding day. Many wedding coordinators offer the day of service. Ask your recently married friends for recommendations and start interviewing. As you find a wedding coordinator that you click with and they will start providing ideas and suggestions. You will not regret this extra part of your wedding!


Wedding Gown Alterations

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 Wedding Gown Alterations

Wedding Gown Alterations,Plus Size,Maryland

You ordered your wedding gown or purchased your wedding gown from inventory and now it is time for wedding gown alterations. Are wedding gown alterations always needed? Where do I go for alterations? How long does it take for your wedding gown alterations?  How much will it cost me? – These are the common questions we receive when we work our brides. So let’s answer those questions for you.

Are wedding gown alterations always needed?

In a simple answer YES! Wedding gowns are not produced to your exact measurements. So you will normally need some type of alteration. So there is no need to be concerned if your dress needs a hem or shaping in a certain area.

Where do I go for wedding gown alterations?

At Lily’s Bridal and Prom Boutique we provide our brides with a list of recommended seamstresses all over Maryland. We do this for several reasons. The main one is convenience for the bride. This way you have a seamstress that offers hours that fits your schedule and location. The second reason is we do not like to have a seamstress meet you at the store and then take your wedding gown with them to sew offsite. To us this leaves room for your dress being damaged. To Lily’s it is safer and so much more convenient for you to have a seamstress that meets you and sews your wedding gown all at the same place. This does not mean we do not know about alterations. I am what you call a dress engineer. I know dresses are put together and sewn.

How many appointments will be needed for my wedding gown alterations?

Typically you will meet with your seamstress three times. Your first appointment is to determine what needs to be done and discuss pricing. Please make sure you get what will be done and the cost in writing. This will protect you and the seamstress. Keeps everyone on the same page. Your second appointment will be about tweaking and more shaping. The 3rd appointment will be final fitting and pick up. You may require additional appointments if you are having changes outside the normal alterations to your wedding gown.

How much are wedding gown alterations?

This is an area that has a large price range due to so many factors. The dress material, the dress layers, lace, beading, and so on. Our industry standard price range is $300 – $600. This is where we strongly recommend discussing price at your first appointment. You can always shop around for pricing but please research the seamstress and read their reviews.

When should I book an appointment for my wedding gown alterations?

Lily’s Bridal strongly recommend three months prior to your wedding date. Book that appointment as soon as you can. Remember there are other clients for your seamstress. Not to mention the peak wedding season too. The spring and fall are busy times for most seamstresses. So plan ahead!