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How to Get Your Fiance Involved with the Wedding Planning

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Let’s be honest; the man of your dreams probably did not grow up fantasizing about his wedding day since he was a little boy.  So don’t be surprised when his answer to the vast majority of your planning questions is, “Whatever you want, Sweetheart.”  Here are a few fail-safe ways to get your man involved in the planning.

1.) Open his mind. The truth is, your guy probably has no idea what it even takes to plan a wedding. He doesn’t understand why you’re freaking out because to him, all you really have to do is show up wearing what you want, make sure there are enough chairs for people, eat some cake and call it a night. Help show him what you’re going through by making a calendar with all of your deadlines marked. This way, he will be able to see, right in front of him what all needs done. Once he sees everything that needs to be done he may be much more apt to help.

2.) Give him tasks he’d be interested in. Yes, this means you’ll probably be on your own when it comes to deciding on the font to use for your invitations, but other things, like choosing the DJ, the flavor of your cake, sampling caters menus, or researching honeymoon destinations are probably more up his alley.

3.) Back off. When you do give him a task, its important that you’re not looking over his shoulder every second attempting to micro-manage any progress. If you want him to research honeymoon spots than let him do it. Don’t constantly ask him, “Did you check the cost of snorkeling in Jamaica? Are there sharks in Jamaica? You know I hate sharks…” Yes. He knows you hate sharks. Back off and let him do the job you gave him.

4.) Narrow down the options and respect his opinion. Naturally, there are going to be some things that you care about more than he does. As mentioned earlier, he probably isn’t going to lose any sleep over the wedding invitations, but you might. So narrow down your options to 3 or 4 you’d be happy with and let him make the final decision. He’ll feel involved and you won’t have to worry about sweating over the difference between white and eggshell white.

5.) Give him the busy work. As harsh as it sounds, a guy often wants to help but would rather leave the creative stuff up to you. This is the, “Just tell me what to do” approach that makes things easier on everyone. Have him balance the budget, make payments to vendors, pick up materials and reserve the reception space. He can do all of these tasks on his own, and you can focus on mastering that perfect napkin fold you saw in a bridal magazine 3 weeks ago or finding the perfect shoes for your bridal gown.

Prom Dress Shopping

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Yes it is Prom Time and one of the top prom shops in Maryland has some exciting news to share. Lily’s Bridal has over 900 dresses in stock and we have the largest selection of exclusive prom dresses in Maryland. We are the only prom shop in Maryland to bring you are own exclusive line of prom dresses, Lily Mae. Our Lily Mae collection is amazing and we are very proud to bring you a line designed by Lily’s Bridal. Lily Mae cannot be found in any other prom shop in Maryland.

What does this mean to the prom girls in Maryland? The biggest benefit is that you won’t find someone else wearing your prom dress. We register all prom dresses purchased from Lily’s Bridal to each school. We will not sell the same dress in the same color to the same prom. Other prom shops in Maryland may register their dresses purchased but you still risk someone else being in the same dress because those dresses are sold at other stores and online. So your chance is very high that someone else will have your prom dress.

Our exclusive line is what makes Lily’s Bridal different than all the other prom shops in Maryland. With our exclusive prom line you won’t have to worry about being in the same dress as someone else.

As you venture out to find your prom we would like to offer you our best advice when shopping for your dress at Prom shops in Maryland.

1.  Search prom magazines or online to find styles you like.

2.  Get a clear picture of what you would like to wear for you prom.

3.  Try on a variety of styles. Be open minded to dresses offered to you by Prom Stylists.

4.  Shop early for the best selection.

5.  When you find your dress buy it and take it with you. If you wait too long someone else will purchase your dress.

6.  If you can’t purchase right away, see if there is any type of hold, so you won’t lose your dress.

Stay Beautiful!

Top 10 Ways to Save on Your Venue

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According to Bride’s magazine the average cost for a wedding is $24, 844.  One of your higher cost items in your wedding is your venue.  Lily’s Bridal asked several wedding- planning pros how couples can save on their venue. Here are their top 10 ways for you to save on your venue.


1.  Negotiate – Don’t be shy.  Most venues will be open to this discussion especially if your wedding date falls during slow months. Those months usually are November, January, February, and March. The key thing is to make reasonable requests. Remember they are a business too.

2.  Have a weekday event. The most expensive night for a wedding is Saturday. So how about a Thursday night event? Friday and Sunday would work as well.

3.  Find a venue with views, gardens, or personality. This type of venue would save on decorations. They are naturally beautiful and do not need much more in decorations.

4.  Stay away from larger cities.  Look for venues in more of a rural area.

5.  Have your ceremony and reception at the same place.  You will cut costs on decorations and fees.

6.  Bring your own adult beverages to the site.  Make sure they don’t charge a corkage fee.

7.  Keep an eye on any additional fees. Such as fees for cutting the wedding cake, valet fees, and coat check.

8.  Check out some restaurants for your venue. This would eliminate table rentals, linens, dishes, glasses, and site fees.

9.  Don’t forget to check out Country Clubs. Their views are amazing and their meals are wonderful. You will be surprised with their fees. They are not as high as you may think. The one downfall is you may have to know a member.

10.  Check out hotels that have great decor. The decor can be worked in to your wedding style, saving you on decorations. You may also receive a discount at the hotel for booking rooms for your guests.

Lily’s Bridal hopes you find this information helpful when planning your wedding.

Wedding Consultants

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Planning a wedding can be stressful and very overwhelming.  S
o hiring a wedding consultant to help you plan your wedding can be very beneficial.  The most important task a wedding consultant has is to make the bride’s life easier.  A wedding consultant can be there from start to finish or can be hired for your wedding day only.

What can a wedding consultant do to help you with your wedding?

  1. 1. A wedding consultant will listen to your ideas and vision, then suggest what will work best for your style and budget.
  2. 2. If you just need specific tasks done such as finding a venue,  catering,  invitations, etc. A wedding consultants will be more than happy to help you with the specific tasks.
  3. 3. Wedding consultants work with many vendors and will be able to provide the best of the best to fit your needs.
  4. 4. Point of contact for all of your vendors.
  5. 5. A wedding consultant will manage the timeline/calender of your to dos and deadlines. Your wedding consultant will handle ALL emergencies.
  6. 6. Day of issues, your wedding consultant will have an emergency kit and a back up plan. A wedding consultant plans for EVERYTHING.
  7. 7. Conflicts or issues with members of the wedding, family, or vendors your wedding consultant will be there to mediate it all.
  8. 8. After the wedding, the wedding consultant will provide you with the most important things that will need to be done after saying I do.

10 Ways to Save on Your Honeymoon

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Planning your wedding also means planning your honeymoon. One of the reasons you have a honeymoon is to recharge your body and mind after all the months spent planning your wedding. You and your husband/wife get to spend the much needed precious time together. But your honeymoon does not have to break the bank. You can have your dream honeymoon and save by following a few of our suggestions

1.  Travel in the off/low season. Find out when your destination isn’t as popular. Your resort could be up to 50% off. Not to mention flights could be cheaper too.

2.  Register for your honeymoon. Great sites such as and can allow your guests to contribute to different parts of your trip.

3.  Use those miles you have from your bonus credit cards. Use them for flights, hotels, and cars. But remember they are limited so book early.

4.  Book early and you may get a deal from the hotel or a cruise line. Booking up to 6 months in advance could get you a free room upgrade, free airfare, onboard credit, or all 3.

5.  Opt for an all-inclusive resort. You will only pay what you were quoted. This will inclulde all of your meals, drinks, and gratuities. Some times activities are included as well.

6.  You can save a bundle by booking airfare, accommodations, car, and tours all at one time. Look for packages.

7.  Carry on your luggage or limit your checked in luggage.

8.  Have a hotel reception and receive free stays at any location. When you spend a specific dollar amount most hotels offer free nights stay at any of their locations.

9.  Check out You can earn cash by visiting this site before booking hotel reservations.

10.  Register at and receive special deals for getaways

Top Reasons for a Maryland Winter Wedding

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While summer and spring are officially wedding season, winter isn’t exactly devoid of weddings.  Winter is the season most of us envision ourselves snuggled in a warm cocoon of fuzziness and hot chocolate. Christmas and New Years Day have selfishly kept the enjoyment of winter all to themselves. Besides those two holidays, winter has a reputation for being a time of counting down the days until the snow melts. How ever winter can actually be an excellent time to have a wedding.

Just imagine walking down the aisle in your beautiful white dress as the sky is filled with crystal-like snowflakes that are gently falling all around. Who wouldn’t want to get married in the winter? There are some great benefits for getting married in the winter.

Choice of venues and vendors will be practically unlimited. Many of the top venues in Maryland will book a wedding date 12-24 months in advance. I know several wedding planners in the area that have mentioned that brides will book their date at their preferred venue on the day of their future wedding, TWO YEARS in advance. In the winter months, many venues are slow and are hungry for your business. When that’s the case, you will be much better taken care of on your wedding day.

You can have comfort foods at your wedding. Winter weddings allow you to be creative with the winter wedding menu. Even at the most elegant of affairs, you can mix in a few comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and hearty soups. You can also add fun winter beverages to your menu such as eggnog, apple cider, and hot chocolate.

Your wedding colors will pop. What’s one of the first rules of interior decorating? Designers often suggest bringing in a white to allow something for the colors to play off of. Well, winter is the perfect clean slate. Whatever colors you choose have virtually nothing to compete with. White is a perfect setting to carry out exactly what you want your final day to look like.

You will be the center of your photographs. Winter white provides a perfect backdrop for photographs. All the colors of your wedding will stand out in your photos. The stillness of a winter day perfectly captures the intense emotion of each moment, the warmth of your embrace providing a striking contrast with the brisk air that surrounds you. Additionally, snow reflects light, meaning even at sunset you will be cast with a soft, difficult to duplicate glow that looks utterly stunning when printed in black and white.

You can be good to your skin. For many brides, a summer wedding means having that perfectly bronzed skin, which can require a lot of work. But in the winter all you need is a healthy glow. To look overly tanned would be out of place, so work with your natural skin tones. Relax with a good body scrub, a slightly tinted lotion and a good night’s sleep. You will look as radiant as ever.

You won’t have to worry about the heat. Many brides and grooms struggle through the summer heat and even pass out due to the heat and stress of the wedding. A winter wedding at least eliminates the heat aspect. For a bride who feels a bit insecure about wearing revealing clothes, the winter season will give her an excuse to cover up a bit more.

Winter weddings are more intimate. Many people wish to have a small, intimate wedding, but it doesn’t always turns out that way. Before they know it, their guest list is in excess of 300. Having a winter wedding may help to keep the guest list down due to winter travel. But for those that want more of their family to attend their wedding a winter wedding may be the best option. A Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or winter break wedding will make it possible for more people to attend your wedding as they will have time off already and not have to miss work and lose money, or miss important school obligations. For a busy bride or groom, planning a winter holiday wedding is also convenient.

Your honeymoon will be cheaper. If winter wedding destinations are cheaper, it goes to reason that honeymoon locations will also be cheaper. During the off season, you should be able to find great honeymoon packages for vacation places that still have decent weather for the time of year.

All in all, winter weddings are definitely the way to go. You have so many more options to choose from at a lower cost. Not to mention, you will have a ready made gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. Take a chance and experience incredible romance and have a winter wedding!


Fall Wedding Ideas from our Lily’s Brides

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Fall is a very popular time for weddings in Maryland. In fact, at Lily’s Bridal we see more fall weddings than any other time of the year. Lily’s Bridal recently spoke to several of our brides that are getting married in the coming fall months to see what special touches they are adding to their fall weddings. We wanted to share some of their great ideas to help you plan for your fall wedding.

  • Our Lily’s Brides are choosing deep reds, golds, rusts, and purples for their fall wedding colors.
  • Perfect gift idea for your bridesmaids/matron/maid and or moms would be a shrug or pashimna to help keep them warm with the cool fall air.
  • Centerpieces are seasonal vegetables and seasonal flowers. Such as eggplants, cabbages, pumpkins, gourds, apples, mums, marigolds, and petunias.
  • Favors for your guests could be caramel apples, maple syrup, apple cider mix, candied pecans, individual tarts, and fall scented soaps or candles.
  • Instead of a tiered traditional wedding cake let your guests eat pies from the season. Serve Pecan, Apple, Blackberry, Pumpkin, Grape, and Cranberry pies. Don’t forget the ice cream and fresh whipped cream.
  • Cocktails that help warm you and your guests up from the chilled air. Think spiced apple cider, irish coffee, caramel appletini, and fall inspired mojitos.
  • Warm up your guests with a bonfire if your venue allows it. Make your own Smores for dessert and tell wonderful stories of the bride and groom.

All wonderful suggestions shared from our Lily’s Brides for their fall weddings. Thank you to all of our fall brides for sharing their planning with us.


Making Your Wedding Day Perfect!

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Your wedding day is the one-day in the world when you want everything to go perfect. You have spent months planning your big day and you want it all to go right. The help everything run smoothly, avoid confusion, prevent panic and be absolutely thrilled throughout your day, take some time to think through this wedding checklist (based on the time you will get married) and enlist the help you will need to make it all possible. Now you can stop worrying, start scheduling, get organized and be ready to enjoy your big day!

  • Wake up and EAT breakfast. Be sure to have a healthy, high-energy breakfast such as cereal, yogurt, fruit, and a bagel with cream cheese to get instant energy. Don’t skip meals. You will need your energy throughout the day and eating well will help you avoid the jitters and nervousness.
  • Check a weather report to confirm what the day likely has in store. Have a back-up plan if any adjustments need to be made. These plans should be established and discussed with the vendors helping you put your wedding in advance.
  • Get some light exercise – it will help you relieve stress and perk up your energy. Strenuous exercise should be minimized or eliminated from your daily routine.
  • Shower and begin getting ready. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub if you prefer. When dressing, put your undergarments on under a robe if a stylist is coming to you or wear a button down shirt if you are traveling to a salon (you can easily take off the button down shirt off when your stylist is finished without messing up your hair and makeup). Wear a shirt that is the same color as your dress so you can be sure to get the color scheme for your makeup right.
  • If you are changing at a hotel, ceremony site or reception site, be sure to bring your pre-packed beauty and emergency bag, favorite CDS to listen to and any other necessary items you will need. If you have forgotten anything, now is the time to have one of your bridesmaids run a quick errand. Have your mother or maid of honor in charge of making sure your dress; veil, and other accessories arrive safely.
  • Make sure that your maid of honor or other bridesmaid have their assignments to follow up with each of the vendors for transportation needs, flowers, food, cake, and any other day-of arrangements that you have previously made. Have a contact list with vendor’s phone numbers on it and have them help you coordinate the day of have a wedding planner for the day.
  • Have your bridesmaids arrive at the wedding site location with their dresses and accessories.
  • If the stylists and artists you contracted with do hair and makeup then your maid of honor should have her makeup and hair done first. Spend time with each of your bridesmaids as they take turns getting ready. This is your time to laugh, share stories, visit, pack for your honeymoon, or anything else that you and your bridesmaids have worked out in advance.
  • Enjoy a light snack or lunch.
  • Have your hair and makeup done. Be sure to give the stylist your complete attention. Now is not the time to eat, chat on your cell phone or be involved in distracting conversations with friends or family. Enjoy this time to get ready. Relax. Your makeup and hair will soon be flawless.
  • Have the photographer take pictures of you and your bridesmaids getting ready, looking into the mirror and other candid shots of you interacting with your mother, maid of honor, bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party.
  • Visit the ladies room one last time before getting dressed. Let your attendants help you get into your wedding gown, shoes, jewelry and gloves. Delight in how gorgeous you look and feel. Of course if you don’t, your attendants will alel be there to pour out praise and fuss over you. Enjoy the moment.
  • If you haven’t already done so, sign your marriage license. Your maid of honor can sign as your witness.
  • Enjoy the ceremony together as you exchange vows and make promises to each other.
  • Let the party begin! Again, enlist the help of your bridesmaids or wedding coordinator to make the reception flow smoothly and enjoy your perfect day!

Why an Appointment at a Bridal Shop is an Absolute Necessity to Have the Best Experience.

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Most bridal shops in Maryland require an appointment to try on wedding gowns. If you are like many brides, you may wonder why this is required from bridal shops in Maryland, since most places you shop today do not required an appointment of any kind. At Lily’s Bridal we require an appointment and I want to share with you why our Maryland Bridal Shop will actually make the search for your wedding gown easier and less stressful.

As one of the top bridal shops in Maryland we serve thousands of brides each year in their quest to find the perfect wedding gown. With such a large demand and limited space with our dressing rooms, we request that you schedule an appointment so you won’t have to wait and more importantly you have the complete and undivided attention of our bridal fashion consultants. We know that you are extremely busy with planning your upcoming wedding. We also recognize that because of the sheer number of brides who want to have the experience of shopping at one of the top bridal shops in Maryland and our limited staff, we must schedule appointments. This allows us to cater to your every request and help you have an unforgettable experience in the search for you dress. Your wedding day isn’t just any day, it’s one of the most important days of your life, and you will love how we treat you when you schedule an appointment at our store. Brides who have experienced the magic of one of our appointments are raving fans of the fun and excitement that they have not found at any other Maryland bridal shop.

Shopping for a wedding gown is different than any other clothing you’ve ever purchased and having an appointment ensures that you will receive the best service and the complete and full attention of our experienced and highly trained bridal fashion consultants. Each of our bridal fashion consultants have seen gowns on many women in various shapes and sizes and will be able to recommend a dress that will look great on your body. If you come with an open mind and listen to her recommendations, you may even be surprised at the fit of some shapes or styles you may have never considered wearing. All you have to do is take the time to schedule an appointment.

Once you book your appointment at Lily’s Bridal you will receive an online questionnaire that will help you and your bridal fashion consultant find your wedding dress. Your appointment will be 90 minutes in length and at the appointment you learn about the different silhouettes and cuts of gowns and lots of other helpful information. You will see gowns found at no other Maryland bridal shop. Our gowns are exclusive to Lily’s Bridal so no other Maryland bridal shop will carry our gowns.

Lily’s Bridal looks forward to working with you to find your dream dress!

Everyone at Lily’s Bridal wants you to know that we are here to help you. Take the time to schedule an appointment and give us an opportunity to educate you about the best choices available for your wedding day.

How Do I Shop for My Bridal Gown?

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How do I shop for my Bridal Gown?

You are engaged and now it is time to shop for your bridal gown. What are the key things you should know when shopping for your bridal gown?

What is the best day to shop?
The busiest time at a bridal boutique is Saturday and Sunday. If you want to have less of a crowd go during the week.

How do I decide what bridal shop to go to?
Ask your friends where they went shopping for their bridal gown. Research online all the bridal boutiques in your area and decide which ones you want to shop and find your bridal gown. Call the boutiques to see if they require appointments and what their price ranges are for their bridal gowns.

When should I order my Bridal Gown?
Brides magazine recommends that you purchase your gown at least 9 months to 1 year before your wedding date. Why such a large time frame? Your dress needs to be made from the designer. Most designers do not have hanging inventory and when your dress is ordered that is when it starts the manufacturing process. You will also need to allow time for alterations and any issues that may come up. Time is your friend when ordering your bridal gown. This is a big decision and it will set the tone/theme for your wedding. Once this item is checked off your list, you can move on to all the other fashion decisions of your wedding. If you are planning on purchasing off the rack then we suggest 4 to 6 months before your wedding date. As the other fashions for the wedding party need to be ordered as well and they can take up to 4 months to arrive.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?
Photos of dress styles you would like to try. Any items that you have already decided to wear such as shoes, undergarments, veil, jewelry, etc.

Who should I bring with me to my appointment?
Be extremely careful with whom you bring to your appointment. Too many people will make your decision extremely difficult and very frustrating for you. They also need to understand your style and your budget. They need to be supportive and want to be there for YOU. The key is to bring the key people that you need to help make your decision.

What should I tell my Bridal Fashion Consultant?
Be 100% honest with your Bridal Fashion Consultant. Tell her the styles you are interested in, any concerns/requirements of the gown, how you feel about the dresses you are trying on or have tried on, and your bridal gown budget. Falling in love with a dress that is way beyond your budget will just take up too much time at your appointment and then you will compare every other dress to the dress that is out of your budget. Holding back or lying to your Bridal Fashion Consultant will only prevent her from doing her job and finding your bridal gown.

Should I only try on dresses I like?
Try on gowns that you pick out and gowns that your Bridal Fashion Consultant may suggest. Be open-minded, a dress looks so much different on someone than hanging on the hanger.

Should I buy a dress on my first visit?
Absolutely! Only you will know when it is the right dress. At your appointment you will try on several gowns and when you find the dress you will know it. You have so many other tasks to complete with planning your wedding,  get this big one checked off the list and move on to the next one. Once you purchase your gown stop looking at bridal gowns keep moving forward with planning your wedding.

What could I risk by not buying the dress I love on my appointment?
By leaving an appointment with a dress you love, but not purchasing it, you risk a few things. The dress may be sold off the rack and you will not have the opportunity to show your mother later or to try it on again. So you will be ordering from memory. Another risk is that a gown may be discontinued by a designer and unable to be reordered. In that case the only dress available will be the one in the store and if it isn’t in the color and size you need you miss the opportunity to have the dress you fell in love with. It’s best to be ready by bringing your mom or whomever you want with you so if you find that perfect dress you won’t have to leave it behind. Why take the risk?

Shopping for your bridal gown should be fun, exciting, and something you tell all your friends about. Enjoy this time with your family and friends.