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Prom Shoes to Last the Night

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Prom Dress, Now Shoes - Plus size, Wedding Gowns, Dresses, Maryland

You Have Your Prom Dress….Now Your Shoes

What’s the point in wearing a gorgeous prom dress only to have to spend the entire night sitting down because you chose the wrong pair of shoes? The fact is, many people spend hours (scratch that, weeks) looking for the perfect prom dress and then completely phone it in when picking out shoes. If you want your night to be a night to remember (in a good way), you’ll want to follow these simple rules when narrowing down your prom shoe choice:

1.) Choose the right color. The right color is essential, and no, black does not go with everything. If you are wearing a pastel colored dress, choose a shoe in an equally mellow color. If you’re wearing a bold dress (like a shimmering silver gown), a bold pop of color, like a bright turquoise, would be a smart choice. The colors don’t have to match, but they should complement each other.

2.) Choose the right shape. Clunky platforms have no business with a delicate, flowing gown. Don’t just pair up whatever you have lying around with your dress, really think about what would go together. A delicate dress often calls for a delicate shoe. A simple, classic-cut dress might be complemented well with a more detailed and ornate shoe. And don’t forget about boots and flats! Tall, knee high boots might pair well with a shorter dress, and a pair of flat ballet style shoes would look absolutely perfect with a vintage cut mini dress.

Prom Dress, Now Shoes - Plus size, Wedding Gowns, Dresses, Maryland

3) Choose the right size. It may seem like common sense, but it’s impossible to count the number of girls across the country right now at their friends’ houses trying on a pair of shoes they want to “borrow” that are just half a size too small. Wearing shoes that are the wrong size will ruin your evening faster than you can imagine! If you have no friends that wear the exact same size as you (half sizes do matter), then go out and buy a pair. They don’t have to be super expensive, but they do have to fit.

4.) Choose something that you can walk in. A 6-inch stiletto may look amazing with your sleek and trim gown, but if the most you can manage is to walk two feet from one chair to another all night there’s really no point in even going. If you’re dead set on a high heel, aim for something with a bit of a platform near the toe (this lessens the overall angle your foot will be at all night and provides a bit of extra padding). Also, practice, practice, practice; spend a few days walking around in your new heels before the big day. You want to feel confident walking into prom, not clumsy and awkward.

Prom Dress, Now Shoes - Plus size, Wedding Gowns, Dresses, Maryland

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Look Sexy, Not Trashy, in Your Prom Dress

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Prom Dress - Not trashy - Plus size prom dresses, Wedding DressesProm is one of the premier times in a young woman’s life. You want to look your very best, and let’s admit it, looking your very best often means looking as beautiful and attractive as you can possibly look. Of course there’s one more thing though; you’re still in high school. Sorry, but you need to save the over-the-top sexiness for after you turn 18.

But we get it. So instead of telling you to wear something with long sleeves and a high collar, we’re going to tell you how to get that sexy look you’re after while still keeping your prom dress classy and appropriate.

1.) If you’re going to show skin, avoid the obvious. A low, low cut front not only screams ‘inappropriate’ but also slightly desperate, just as a short, short, short skirt would give off the same impression. So if you’re going to show some skin, we suggest going with something unexpected: your back. Backless gowns provide and element of surprise while still showing off your figure, and literally every “risqué” part of you is covered. It’s a compromise for everyone.

2.) Consider the cut. Even if something covers you completely from head to toe, it can still be sexy provided it has the right fit. Even a long gown with long sleeves looks unbelievably gorgeous when made in a slinky, body skimming design. Not only will you look amazing, but it also gives off an aura of effortlessness: like you just can’t help how good you look. You tried to cover up…it’s not your fault you have an amazing body under there.

3.) Consider the fabric. Sheer fabric has been seen everywhere lately, and if New York fashion week means anything, it definitely won’t be going away any time soon. This means you can use it to your advantage. When sheer fabric is strategically placed in the correct places, it gives the illusion that something is missing while you remain completely comfortable and covered.

4.) Be supported. No matter what dress you wear, there is nothing more unsexy than someone pulling and tugging at themselves all night. Wear the proper undergarments, and if you’re afraid you might pop out or expose yourself on the dance floor, wear a different dress! You should be able to move any which way you please without risking an accidental peep show.

5.) Stay balanced. The fastest way to cross over from sexy to trashy is to try and do too much. A skin tight, low cut, short skirt is way too much. Instead, make sure to pick one feature to accentuate and keep everything else fairly tame. If you’re showing your legs, keep your chest and back reasonably unexposed. If you plan on wearing a tight, fitted dress, make sure there is plenty of fabric to keep you reasonably covered. If you’re thinking of wearing something with a plunging neckline, opt for a longer dress that conceals your legs.


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Dressing for Prom? Don’t Forget Your Undergarments!

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Prom Dress Shopping - Don't forget your undergarments - Lily's Bridal

It’s prom season! And that means many girls are shopping for their perfect prom dress. And while much of the excitement is directed at various prom  dresses, shoes and accessories, there’s just one thing that tends to get left off that list: the undergarments. It’s understandable; after all, shopping for something that no one is going to see might seem a little less interesting than shopping for the rest of your outfit, but nothing will ruin a beautiful dress faster than VPLs (visible panty lines). So here are a few things you might want to add to your prom dress shopping list to ensure the most gorgeous look possible:

1.) Cut. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that no prom dress looks good with exposed bra straps, and if you find one that does look good with exposed bra straps, good for you. Hold onto it because it’s probably the only one in existence.

If you’re going to wear a strapless prom dress you’re going to need a strapless bra. The same with racerback dresses, low cut dresses and even backless dresses: you’ll need a bra that matches your dress shape to avoid it being seen. Underwear needs the correct cut as well, otherwise you’ll end up showcasing it to the world. Go for either full coverage or a thong for best results. And as far as those people that say to go without a bra…

2.) Support. The entire point of wearing a bra is for support. If you happen to be one of those lucky girls that stays perfectly perky and in place without the help of a lady garment, than this section of the article might not be for you. But for the other 95% of us, you’ll need something that keeps the girls in place, and one of the key elements to making sure you have the proper support is…

3.) Fit. A poorly fitting undergarment will not only look awful, but it won’t be able to do its job either. Too big and you won’t have the support you need, too small and you’ll have an array of extra lumps and bumps.

4.) Color. The color of your undergarments might not matter as much if you’re wearing a brightly colored gown or even a light colored one made with heavier fabric, but if you’re wearing a dress made of thinner, more flowing fabric the color might be seen through it. Don’t make the mistake of choosing why or black, as it will still be seen; your best bet is to choose something that most matches the color of your skin.

5.) Comfort. If you are going to have the night of your life you absolutely need to be comfortable. Make sure you choose undergarments that are made of breathable fabric (meaning you can dance the night away without drowning in sweat) and aren’t going to be pinching or scratching you in any areas. Plus, remember, no one looks cute while picking a wedgie…no one.


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10 Questions to Ask a Hair/Make Up Artist

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Are you planning on using a Stylist to do your hair and make up for your wedding day? Before you sign your contract with the stylist we suggest you have the following questions answered.

1. How long have you been doing hair and makeup for weddings?
2. Is there a fee for a trial?
3. What does your fee include?
4. How many brides and bridal parties will you book on the same day?
5. Do you have a back up plan just in case you are not able to make it on my wedding day?
6. What type of products will you be using on my hair and face?
7. Do you have references I can contact?
8. Do you have a portfolio I can review?
9. Will you provide me with a schedule for the day? What time to arrive? When will the process start, etc?
10. Will I sign a contract?

We strongly suggest you have these questions answered and once you feel 100% confident in your Hair/Make Up Artist then book the date and sign the contract.

Prom Phenomenon

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The must attend Prom Event of 2012 is at Lily’s Bridal. No other prom shop in Maryland will have an event like this at their shop! Come shop our prom shop and find your exclusive prom dress at Lily’s Bridal. Lily’s Bridal has designed their own line of prom dresses, Lily Mae. Lily Mae prom dresses are a must see. If you are looking for something trendy, fun, couture, sophisticated, or sweet, Lily Mae prom dresses has you covered. Prom dress sizes from 0 to 30 and prices from $249 to $799.

What is the Prom Phenomenon? First it is FREE to everyone who attends. No appointments are required but we will work on a first come basis. You will work directly with our Prom Stylists to find your perfect prom dress. Once you find your prom dress you will spin our prize wheel. Every spin is a winner. You can win $20 to $40 off your prom dress, $$$ off of jewelry, or a FREE breathable bag.

At the event you can have your pictures taken with your friends in the Photobooth, visit with our Hair/Make up Artist to discuss your special night, and visit with our florist to see what is new with corsages. While dancing and singing along to your favorite songs from the DJ.

Did we mention DOOR PRIZES! All prom shoppers that register with Lily’s Bridal automatically are entered in to our door prize drawings.  We are having an extra special drawing on 03/31/2012 for 3 Coach bags. All registered prom shoppers are entered automatically BUT when you purchase your prom dress from Lily’s Bridal you will receive additional entries depending on your prom dress purchase price.

We are so excited to have this extra special event at Lily’s Bridal. We can’t wait to see everyone and help you find your perfect prom dress.


Prom Dress Shopping

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Yes it is Prom Time and one of the top prom shops in Maryland has some exciting news to share. Lily’s Bridal has over 900 dresses in stock and we have the largest selection of exclusive prom dresses in Maryland. We are the only prom shop in Maryland to bring you are own exclusive line of prom dresses, Lily Mae. Our Lily Mae collection is amazing and we are very proud to bring you a line designed by Lily’s Bridal. Lily Mae cannot be found in any other prom shop in Maryland.

What does this mean to the prom girls in Maryland? The biggest benefit is that you won’t find someone else wearing your prom dress. We register all prom dresses purchased from Lily’s Bridal to each school. We will not sell the same dress in the same color to the same prom. Other prom shops in Maryland may register their dresses purchased but you still risk someone else being in the same dress because those dresses are sold at other stores and online. So your chance is very high that someone else will have your prom dress.

Our exclusive line is what makes Lily’s Bridal different than all the other prom shops in Maryland. With our exclusive prom line you won’t have to worry about being in the same dress as someone else.

As you venture out to find your prom we would like to offer you our best advice when shopping for your dress at Prom shops in Maryland.

1.  Search prom magazines or online to find styles you like.

2.  Get a clear picture of what you would like to wear for you prom.

3.  Try on a variety of styles. Be open minded to dresses offered to you by Prom Stylists.

4.  Shop early for the best selection.

5.  When you find your dress buy it and take it with you. If you wait too long someone else will purchase your dress.

6.  If you can’t purchase right away, see if there is any type of hold, so you won’t lose your dress.

Stay Beautiful!