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Making Your Wedding Day Perfect!

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Your wedding day is the one-day in the world when you want everything to go perfect. You have spent months planning your big day and you want it all to go right. The help everything run smoothly, avoid confusion, prevent panic and be absolutely thrilled throughout your day, take some time to think through this wedding checklist (based on the time you will get married) and enlist the help you will need to make it all possible. Now you can stop worrying, start scheduling, get organized and be ready to enjoy your big day!

  • Wake up and EAT breakfast. Be sure to have a healthy, high-energy breakfast such as cereal, yogurt, fruit, and a bagel with cream cheese to get instant energy. Don’t skip meals. You will need your energy throughout the day and eating well will help you avoid the jitters and nervousness.
  • Check a weather report to confirm what the day likely has in store. Have a back-up plan if any adjustments need to be made. These plans should be established and discussed with the vendors helping you put your wedding in advance.
  • Get some light exercise – it will help you relieve stress and perk up your energy. Strenuous exercise should be minimized or eliminated from your daily routine.
  • Shower and begin getting ready. Enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub if you prefer. When dressing, put your undergarments on under a robe if a stylist is coming to you or wear a button down shirt if you are traveling to a salon (you can easily take off the button down shirt off when your stylist is finished without messing up your hair and makeup). Wear a shirt that is the same color as your dress so you can be sure to get the color scheme for your makeup right.
  • If you are changing at a hotel, ceremony site or reception site, be sure to bring your pre-packed beauty and emergency bag, favorite CDS to listen to and any other necessary items you will need. If you have forgotten anything, now is the time to have one of your bridesmaids run a quick errand. Have your mother or maid of honor in charge of making sure your dress; veil, and other accessories arrive safely.
  • Make sure that your maid of honor or other bridesmaid have their assignments to follow up with each of the vendors for transportation needs, flowers, food, cake, and any other day-of arrangements that you have previously made. Have a contact list with vendor’s phone numbers on it and have them help you coordinate the day of have a wedding planner for the day.
  • Have your bridesmaids arrive at the wedding site location with their dresses and accessories.
  • If the stylists and artists you contracted with do hair and makeup then your maid of honor should have her makeup and hair done first. Spend time with each of your bridesmaids as they take turns getting ready. This is your time to laugh, share stories, visit, pack for your honeymoon, or anything else that you and your bridesmaids have worked out in advance.
  • Enjoy a light snack or lunch.
  • Have your hair and makeup done. Be sure to give the stylist your complete attention. Now is not the time to eat, chat on your cell phone or be involved in distracting conversations with friends or family. Enjoy this time to get ready. Relax. Your makeup and hair will soon be flawless.
  • Have the photographer take pictures of you and your bridesmaids getting ready, looking into the mirror and other candid shots of you interacting with your mother, maid of honor, bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party.
  • Visit the ladies room one last time before getting dressed. Let your attendants help you get into your wedding gown, shoes, jewelry and gloves. Delight in how gorgeous you look and feel. Of course if you don’t, your attendants will alel be there to pour out praise and fuss over you. Enjoy the moment.
  • If you haven’t already done so, sign your marriage license. Your maid of honor can sign as your witness.
  • Enjoy the ceremony together as you exchange vows and make promises to each other.
  • Let the party begin! Again, enlist the help of your bridesmaids or wedding coordinator to make the reception flow smoothly and enjoy your perfect day!

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