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Fall Wedding Tips

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Truth be told, fall is probably my favorite time of year. The reds and golds of the falling leaves are everywhere, there is a crisp feel in the air and there seems to be a growing excitement for the upcoming holidays. So in my eyes it’s perfectly natural to plan your wedding for this time of the year. However, if you do, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your big day to go off without a hitch.

1.) Plan for the weather. Fall may be beautiful, but it is also a bit unpredictable. It’s often a toss-up as to whether you’ll be hit with leftover heat from summer or a light dusting due to an early winter. You’ll need to make sure that any venue you choose not only has an indoor option if things get rough outside, but also has a plan to execute the indoor option. You’d surprised how many venues claim to have a backup venue but no backup plan.

2.) Navigate the holidays. Having your wedding in October or November may sound like a great way to avoid the summer wedding rush, but don’t forget about holidays. Many people begin putting away money for Christmas shopping and traveling plans. If you’re going to ask them to spend money on a plane ticket this close to the holidays, you’ve got to give them plenty of time in advance and make sure it’s not running right up on Thanksgiving weekend. Otherwise your guest list could end up shrinking considerably.

3.) Use the colors to your advantage. The colors of fall are the main reason it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year. If you’re planning on getting married outside, don’t fight the natural color scheme; go with it. If you go with a color palette of deep burgundy, burnt orange and pale yellows and soft greens, your venue is already half decorated!

4.) Understand lighting challenges. One of the most overlooked concerns about having your ceremony in the fall is that everyone is still used to the long, 10-hour days of summer. People forget that the sun is setting earlier and earlier, meaning if you’re still planning on being outdoors around 6:00 pm, you need to arrange for an alternative source of lighting, like some wispy, hanging lanterns or even a healthy supply of white Christmas lights.

5.) Get unique with favors. This is the perfect chance to save some money in your wedding budget. Since fall is the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch with a warm bowl of soup or tea, consider giving pouches of homemade tea or soup ingredients to cook on the first brisk day that reminds us winter is coming. You might also consider giving canned jars of fruit preserves tied with ribbon. It’s a great money saver and is a gift your guests will actually enjoy!

Fall Wedding Favors

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Most Common Wedding Makeup Mistakes

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You have your wedding dress, so what is next on your list? Makeup!!!

A bride’s makeup is of utmost importance on her wedding day. Besides just the fact that it’s an important day, the most significant people in your life will be there (some you may not have seen in years), it will probably be an all-day event, and on top of it all off; there’s a photographer and perhaps even a videographer. There’s no getting around it, your makeup needs to be stellar. So here are a few things that could absolutely sabotage your perfect look:

1.) Not using waterproof mascara. It’s your wedding day, so chances are you’re going to cry…multiple times. Unless you want black streaks of mascara running down your face make sure you have one that’s waterproof.

2.) Going too neutral. Even if you’re into the whole “no makeup” makeup, it’s best to go a little (a little) bit more dramatic. This will make your pictures stand out a lot more. However, it’s important to stay away from Wedding Don’t #3 as well…

3.) Going overboard. You still want to look like you. If you usually don’t wear a lot of makeup, caking it on for your wedding day will make you look fake, and probably make you feel very uncomfortable. It’s best to stick to your usually routine, just amp up the products a bit for a little extra drama and staying power.

4.) Not retouching. Unless they’ve invented some new makeup formula by the time you’re reading this article (highly unlikely), your makeup is going to fade. Lip color goes first, followed closely by blush. Add on top of that tears, sweat and maybe even some cake and you’re going to need some touch-ups. Have a few products to retouch before photos or after significant moments (when you’re crying right after saying your vows), will come in handy on your big day.

5.) Experimenting with tanner. First of all, whatever color you are when you go to do your makeup test trial should be the color you are on the day you get married. Second of all, no one looks good when they’re overly tanned, and third of all, your tan might not come out the way you’ve planned. Having large streaks or an overly orange hue is not going to look good in wedding photos.

6.) Getting trendy with it. A trend is something that is in style now and then goes out of style later; not the best look for your wedding day. You want something timeless and classic that will hold up in your wedding photographs for years to come. Just think of all those brides that got married in the 80’s; the ones that didn’t wear the iconic bright blue eye-shadow are probably much happier with their wedding pictures today.

7.) Not seeking expert advice.  Make Up artists truly understand what looks best on you and in your pictures and video. Set up a trial run with two or three and decide on the one that best reflects your style for your wedding day.

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What Your Guests Will Remember at Your Wedding

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When planning a wedding, it’s very common for things to quickly get out of control. Not because of the bride and groom, however, but because of what the bride and groom thinks is important. While every, tiny little detail may seem important, the fact is, it isn’t. Some details are just not worth the sleepless nights. Think about it, is it really necessary to fight over the invitation font when most guests aren’t even going to remember what your invitations looked like? Of course not! However, here are a few things your guests will remember, so pay attention.

1.) The Entertainment. I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve gone to that were absolutely gorgeous, but I didn’t have a good time. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the room is or how delicious the food is, if there’s nothing to do but stand around and watch you cut cake, it’s basically the same thing as going out to a nice dinner with everyone you know. Oh and two people are also getting married. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on entertainment, but if you want your guests to enjoy themselves you should at least spend some. The number one reason guests leave a wedding early is because they weren’t having fun, so if you want them to stay, show them a good time!

2.) The Wedding Dress. Yes, it’s true, many guests are just itching for the moment when the bride starts coming down the aisle. A wedding dress is a wedding dress, and people just can’t wait to see it! So even if you don’t put down a small down-payment for your dress, at least take the time to make sure it has no wrinkles or creases and it fits like a glove.

The dress is also one of the features of your wedding that will be in almost every picture. Trust me, you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

3.) The Love. By far one of my favorite moments of the wedding is when the groom sees the bride for the first time in her wedding dress, as well as the looks on their faces when they’re exchanging their vows. It makes me feel more connected to the couple to see how much they love each other! However, at the last wedding I attended, I missed out on all of this. Not because there was 300 people there, but because there was just poor seating arrangement and the bride and groom had no microphone. People want to see you and they want to hear what you’re saying. Otherwise you’re just making them sit in the sun for 30 minutes while you and your fiancé appear to have a polite conversation and kiss at the end.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Rules for the Perfect Entourage

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Ask any bride about the first thing to pop into their heads as soon as they slip on that engagement ring and they will probably tell you something about going out to celebrate or wedding planning in general, but every hot-blooded woman in the country knows what they are really thinking: Oh my God wedding gown shopping here I come!

The truth is, the act of shopping for the perfect wedding dress is almost as important as the dress itself! It not only makes the wedding immediately feel more real, but also gives the bride a chance to bond with new family and friends. And since we’d like every dress shopping occasion to be the magical experience every bride should have, we’ve gathered a list of things you should keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress.


Bring those closest to you. Finding your perfect dress is a very significant experience, so you’ll want to include those that mean the most to you. If your grandparents raised you, invite your grandparents. If you have a close friend that you consider family, invite that friend. Most likely, your parents have been thinking of this day since you were a little girl, so make sure they feel included. Remember this is about you and finding your wedding dress.  No more than 3 people is best when searching for that perfect wedding gown.

Bring a fashion-savvy buddy. Fashion can be a tricky thing, and while you may find something you think you love, a close friend with an eye for fashion will be able to let you know if you will be having serious regrets when you look at your wedding photos in 10 years. Bring someone who knows what will look good in the future, but still cares enough about you to accurately inform you of how you look but will also be supportive no matter what you choose to walk down the aisle in.


Bring children. As much as you might love your 4 year old niece, bringing her along as a part of your entourage is a huge mistake. Dress shopping is your special day, meaning all the attention should be on you. No matter how well behaved a child is, they are still going to be irritated that no one is paying attention to them…for the next few hours. And on top of that, you’ve brought them to a pure white wonderland where they can’t touch anything and the amount of small items they could put in their mouths (beads, pins, etc.) is endless. A better option is to bring them to the final fitting, where they can see you in all your glory and only have to contain themselves for 30 minutes at the most.

Invite too many. Inviting too many people creates a situation where members of your entourage begin competing with each other. Each person has an opinion, and the more people you bring the more opinions you are going to have to deal with. Keep your numbers low for the best appointment possible.